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Financial Reporting, Taxation, Accounting Services and more!


We are well versed in helping small to medium-sized businesses to manage their accounting and tax challenges. Whether you're looking for a Financial Statements preparation, working with the bank, or need help setting up QuickBooks or Peachtree, we can offer personalized help to your business!

Our goal for businesses is simple: to provide services help that allows you to keep more of your money on your books!

We can help you to choose the proper entity type for your business, incorporate, register with government agencies and set up the required records.

Business Analysis and Financial Statements Preparation services help our clients to have a clear picture of the financial health of their business on an ongoing basis. We conduct Audits, Compilations and Reviews of Financial Statements as a part of required Financial Reporting and securing Bank Loans and Lines of Credit. In addition, we represent our clients and assist them with obtaining financing for their businesses.

Our clients call upon us to Budget, Project and Forecast future business activity, result of operations and investments and financing requirements.  These reports are used by company management as well as Banks and other Financing institutions.

When the business needs representation before IRS, Illinois Department of Revenue, Department of Labor, Illinois Department of Employment Security or other agencies they rely on us to protect their interests.  Our vast experience in such matters as well as our commitment to stay on top of new laws and regulations ensures our clients’ success.

In current economic climate some businesses choose to outsource all of part of their accounting needs. To these clients we offer the full range of bookkeeping and accounting services on a regular basis.

Feel free to contact us right away to discuss your business needs.

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